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The content of this site includes information about Thyboron Skipssmedie A/S Danmörku.

Thyboron Skipssmedie was founded 1967 and has from start specialised in trawldoors for all types of fishing.


Latest news

Record year for Klakkur SH

Klakkur SH from Sauðarkrokur finished a record year of 5.287 tons worth 1.155.000 ISK (7.3 million Eur) making him the top wet fish trawler in Iceland and breaking the Icelandic record.

Klakkur has for years used Thyboron doors and is currently using 110" Type 12 doors

Berglín takes new Type 12 doors

Berglin replaced their French Morgere 5.2 sqm doors with Thyboron Type 12 4.5 sqm doors and reports from the captain says that the oil savings has been around 10%.

They are easier to work with and he reports that they work easier on the bottom than previous doors.

As Sigurður the captain said "these Thyboron doors are the best I have work with"

Stornes using midwater doors for semi-pelagic trawl

The norwegian trawler Stornes is using midwater doors type 15 from us for his semi-pelagic doors.

According to the 1st mate Sigurdur it is a trawlgear that works extremely well for redfish and pollock fishing as this trawl has an opening of 20 meters vs. 4-5 meters on a normal bottom trawl. Towing this semi-pelagic trawl with those midwater doors is not heavier than the normal trawlgear of bottom doors and trawl he tells us.

You can read more about it here


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